And nothing you say or show me will change my mind

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From My Perspective
By Toni Walker

I was reading on social media the
other day yet another argument
against Trump. The writer of the
post went on to say how the
Obama presidency and legacy was
one of great worth and will be
greatly missed for all the good he
has done in his eight years as president.
Now, before you get all hot
and bothered, this IS NOT a political
article. No, it is much deeper
than that. This article is about what
is wrong with society today, from
my perspective.
Through the discussion on this
person’s post, several acquaintances
of mine responded with reasons
that they believe Trump will
indeed be a good president. In one
of the author’s comments, she said,
“Nothing you can say or show me
will change my opinion of him
(Trump), so this is a debate you
cannot win.” Her statement is what
struck a chord with me. Now,
before I continue, let me put a couple
of pieces of information out
there. I do not know the woman
who wrote the original post, and
therefore know nothing about her
ethnicity. I do know that the man
she made this comment to is a
black, well-educated, employed
man. Through the post, it is obvious
as to what side of the fence
these two parties, as well as others
in the discussion, fall. So, back to
the statement at hand.
“Nothing you can say will change
my opinion…” That statement tells
a lot. That statement tells me that
the writer has no desire to learn, or
change. It also tells me that she
believes rather highly of herself.
Now, enough about her, and on
to my perspective on the statement
itself. For one to say that “nothing”
can change their opinion of anything,
suggests to me that they see
themselves as super intelligent and
therefore do not need to learn. It
tells me that they feel they are perfect,
and therefore their opinions
and ideas are the only way to
Before Columbus, everyone
KNEW that the world was flat.
There was no proving otherwise,
and thus there was no changing
their opinions. Until, that is,
Columbus sailed AROUND the
world. Then, everyone’s opinions
had to change. To say that nothing
can change your opinion of something
states, in my perspective, that
you refuse to learn. You refuse to be
proven wrong, and you refuse to
get better.
Advancements in society have
been made because someone’s
opinion was changed. The seat of
learning is based on proving things
wrong, more so than proving
things right. At least, that is my

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