Ore City student nabs role on ‘Big Bang Theory’ spinoff

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ORE CITY – An Ore City native is going from the big screen to the small screen.

Actor Montana Jordan, who co-starred with Josh Brolin in "Legacy of a White Tail Deer Hunter," was recently cast in a spinoff to the popular television series, "Big Bang Theory."

According to media reports, the proposed series focus on Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon during his childhood in East Texas, a fact confirmed by Jordan’s mother, Kelli Smith.

According to Smith, Jordan is set to play Sheldon’s older brother, George.

The sitcom will reportedly follow young Sheldon during his childhood, and will feature the voice of actor Jim Parsons, who plays Dr. Sheldon Cooper on the established show.

According to Smith, Jordan’s manager, Angie Edgar, submitted a taped audition upon hearing of the spinoff. That submission led to a call for a live audition, which led to the East Texas native playing the role of an East Texas native.

Jordan’s stepfather, Rusty Smith, will relieve his mother, so she can return to her teaching position at Ore City classroom.

"It really hasn’t hit us, yet," said Smith. "We know there will be major changes in the family. We do what we need to do and are always there for each other and praying for each other."

While Smith will return to the classroom following spring break, she says that Jordan will remain in California for the rest of the month. He will then return to Ore City to finish the school year, before relocating to Burbank during the summer.

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