Student working to make girl’s fairy tales come true

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HUGHES SPRINGS – Prom night is a dream for every girl in school and a local high school student is doing her best to make it easier for girls to enjoy their fairytale evening. Sierra Blankenship, a senior at Hughes Springs High School, knows what it is like to not be able to get the things she needs. “My mom is a single mom and we have had times were we didn’t have a lot. There have been times were we needed a helping hand,” said Blankenship. She said as a child, she participated in pageants and knew what it was like to be dependent on others for dresses. It was through her experiences that she decided to begin Cinderella’s Closet, which offers prom dresses to girls who may not be able to afford them any other way. During her sophomore year, Blankenship made a post on Facebook, asking if anyone had old prom dresses to donate to those less fortunate. “After one post, I went to school and we had about 20 dresses at the office,” said Blankenship. “It was my junior year that I started trying to get the word out that these dresses were available.” “There are so many girls that I know last year who said they just weren’t going to prom because they did not have a dress. I want to make sure that does not happen,” said Blankenship. To continue reading this article, purchase the print edition of The Steel Country Bee or go to our online e-edition at:

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