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Morris County is home for my family and I. I was born and raised here, as well as my father, Ricky Byrd, and his family going back to my great grandparents, Grady and Bernice Byrd, who had a farm in Rocky Branch. I graduated from Daingerfield High School in 2007. I have a 5 year old daughter, Avery, who I am raising here in Morris County. I chose to run for Morris County Treasurer because I have the experience and skills needed to perform the duties of Treasurer. I have worked for the County through working for Gwen as Deputy District Clerk for the past 6 years and have always been interested in the County business. When Mrs. Nita Beth Traylor announced she was retiring, I jumped at the opportunity to better serve Morris County and to make a better life for myself and my daughter. I know the duties and responsibilities of Treasurer from my experience of working at the County and hand in hand with the current Treasurer and other County offices. The past 6 years have allowed me to become very familiar with the County business and procedures. Already established relationships with other County employees will be a great benefit. I am very knowledgeable on the County wide software which is a crucial function in all County Offices. I was involved in setting up fees and financial information during the transition in 2014 and updating these as necessary. I am very comfortable working in all aspects of our software. Knowledge, experience and familiarity qualify me to succeed in this position. I feel there is no better skill than experience. Along with my experience of working for the County, I also have past additional job experience that involved managing a small business, recording receipts, expenditures, and receivables, reconciling bank statements, bill pay, invoicing, submitting monthly and weekly reports and keeping track of employees hours and personal information. This experience has also prepared and given me the skills I need to perform the duties of the Treasurer. If elected, I plan to take a summer course at NTCC, in Principals of Accounting, to ensure that I have all of the additional knowledge and skills to give my best performance as Treasurer. If elected as Treasurer, I will strive every day to achieve the highest standards of performance. My experience will allow for a smooth transition into Office. I will be committed to serving the Morris County Taxpayers for the longhaul Both Cummings and Byrd will be on the Republican ballot in the March primary. There will be a Political Forum on Feb. 13 at the Morris COunty Annex to give voters a chance to hear from the candidates. Voting will be March 6

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